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Post Graduate Level :

Before we go into the details of the Postgraduate Engineering Programs offered by Chintalapudi Engineering College, we want the students and parents to understand the importance of Engineering courses worldwide. It is a well known fact that Engineering courses are among the top, most-advanced educational programs.

Built around top-of-the-line technology, Engineering courses guarantee to every postgraduate highly competitive wages and a prestigious position in the society

In the past, present, and also in the future, Engineers are among the top-paid professionals, world-wide. Not only the benefit is economic, but also emotional with greatest satisfaction derived by working as an engineer while contributing towards national and global development, to build a secure and healthy society and by working towards improving the living standards of people.

For graduates who want to become more focused in a particular area, getting a Master of Technology degree is an excellent option. There is also the added benefit of making more money, since you are considered more valuable and in possession of more specialized knowledge.


In a world increasingly reliant on high-technology, the training of engineering, computer scientists and IT specialists has become a critical competitiveness issue. Multinational corporations are leveraging talent in developing countries at an unprecedented rate. We believe that the Key issue in engineering education should be the quality of graduates, not just the quantity, since quality factors have the biggest impact on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Electronics & Communications Engineering

M Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering – Instrumentation & Controls introduces the students to advanced communications & DSP, Biomedical and Speech Processing, Control, Instrumentation, VLSI, Image Processing and Computer Vision, Power Systems and Power electronics.

DIP introduces the students to advanced communications & Image Processing And Pattern Recognition,Detection And Estimation Of Signals, Radar Signal Processing, Image And Video Processing, Statistical Signal Processing, Optical Communication And Networks, System Modeling & Simulation, Wireless Communications And Networks, Microcomputer System Design, DSP Processors And Architectures, Advanced Signal Processing.

Computer Science Engineering

M Tech Computer Science & Engineering introduces students to the core of Computer Science and Engineering discipline. Students have a choice of electives in areas of Intelligent Systems, Human Computer Interaction, Data and Knowledge Engineering, Theoretical Computer Science, Networks and Distributed Systems, Software System Design and Hardware System Design.

Information Technology provides for advanced studies in Information Systems Design, Communication Systems and Networking, Foundations of Computing Systems, and Internet and Web-based Technologies. Students have to take up six electives from a wide choice of subjects, such as Embedded Low Power Systems, Object Oriented Systems, Information and System Security and Software Reliability

Mechanical Engineering

Master of Mechanical Engineering acquaints the students with the basic principles and the actual working of various machines and machine tools. Career opportunities in this fast-evolving field exist in both private industry and publicly funded enterprises.

Mechanical Engineering is one of the major activities in the engineering profession and its principles are involved in the design, study, development and construction of nearly all of the physical devices and systems. Continued research and development have led to better machines and processes helping the mankind.

Civil Engineering

Master of Civil Engineering provides training to students in a range of engineering technology services. By the end of the course students are ready to work on the planning, design and construction of buildings, roads, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, water supply systems or sewage systems. Career opportunities in this fast-evolving field exist in both private industry and publicly funded enterprises.

Master Degree Seats Available In CECG

1 M.Tech - Civil Engineering(Structural Engineering) 2 Years 18
2 M.Tech - Computer Science Engineering 2 Years 18
3 M.Tech - Electronics & Communication Engineering(VLSI/ES) 2 Years 60
4 M.Tech - Mechanical Engineering(CAD/CAM) 2 Years 60